There Are Several Types Of Casino Bonus To Attract Players

To welcome the new players and also to keep the already existing players/ members glued to the internet gaming sites, online casinos are pretty regular in giving casino bonuses. The casino bonus is generally in connection with the best players play online. But is a casino bonus and what types of bonuses are prevailing in the online gambling world is your question? Then you will have to read here further to get an idea of the magnitude of the casino bonus. It will be only an understatement to say that most online gamblers are play overtime because of an online casino bonus.

Online Casino Bonus

The best known in the world of online casinos is the bonus of the first bet, most commonly called a first deposit bonus. It is often a very high bonus to welcome the new player and also to give him/her the motivation to go ahead and gamble. The casino bonus increases the leverage of the players so that they can gamble and earn more profits. To become entitled to this bonus, new players must maintain a minimum limit of their first deposit (say $50). Once you have deposited your minimum first deposit you will receive the casino bonus. A little trick is to make a substantial payment to take full advantage of this casino bonus.

In all big casinos for example you have a 115% bonus on your first deposits. If a new player you get 215 euros for a player bet 100 euros! To prevent abuses, customers who open multiple accounts and ask to be reimbursed, for instance, there are rules on this casino bonus. You are obliged to start playing exhausting the entire deposit first. Some casinos are even strict in curtailing the fraud by asking players to start money (deposits) rolling several times before they can claim a refund. These online casinos are obliged to implement for security reasons. For example, for every 10 euro bet you get a point and you can redeem these points against a true credit to play.

Special Casino Bonuses

Many casinos give casino bonuses on the theme of say Christmas or New Year’s Day. If you have not played for a while and that the casino would love to see you play, sometimes it makes you a very interesting proposal.

Do your friends like casinos?

If your friends also like to play online you can send them to the casino where you used to play. It is a referral program where every player introduced by you will make you eligible for a casino bonus. You can go through the “Invite friends” which almost all casinos have. When your friend makes their first payment at the casino, you sometimes get up to $ 100 extra credit thanks.

Bonuses on your bets

Casinos often give a casino bonus for using a certain type of payment An example is a payment with a credit card that gives up to a 20% bonus, in addition, to thank you for using this system. The casino is that because the stakes are automatically processed and win a lot of time.