The Chaffey Review seeks out previously unpublished art. 

Both established and emerging artists, that are well crafted, have an intelligent sense of form and language, assume a degree of risk and have consequences beyond the world of their speakers are considered by our literary journal. The Chaffey Review also seeks out narrators, and challenges individuals to embrace new and diverse ways of interpreting humanity. 

The editorial collective is a student-run production, stemming from creative writing and journalism programs. It also provides effectual experience for students to learn about the publishing industry. 

The review is committed in celebrating artistic expression, by any form: 

encompassing visual, auditory, and written media.

"Students in English 35 learn about the literature, philosophy and the practice of literary magazines by participating in the ongoing conversation that is small press publishing. This is a valuable experience for anyone interested in literature, writing, journalism, art or graphic design. You will experience the production process as a way to understand literary, academic, artistic, social, political and economic concerns related to publishing. Working with a team, trouble-shooting, negotiating differences, reporting to and justifying decisions to a 'boss,' producing The Chaffey Review reifies the practical applications and necessary collaboration of creative endeavors"


Professor Michelle Dowd,

Faculty Advisor

Painting: Sarah Bentley "Building Walls"