The following serves as corrections to errors found in our printed volumes. Our sincerest apologies to the artists and our readers; The Chaffey Review aims to share creative works as they are intended by artists along with the information that develops relationships between them and the audience. 

Zombie Nation

Sol Guar

Gotta make that paper

Gotta get that hustle

Cuz I’m king of my castle

Workin’ 9 to 5's more like

struggling to survive

Gotta keep my family alive

Puttin in 14 hr days

And I’m thinken “Mannn, crime pays”

But I can’t go that route

That’s not what I'm about

I’m a man now, can’t act like a boy

I build up now, I don’t destroy

I don’t run the streets, like I did then

Imma teach my kids a lil zen

My wify’s belly growen

But she gotta keep shakin that ass

‘Till she’s showen

And even then…

She’s gonna have to deal with those freaks again

They like the way it feels when my baby’s kicken

While they sticken

And yeah, it makes me SICK!!!

Yeah, I wanna throw up!!!

But it’s just what we gotta do

If we wanna come up

In this zombie nation

Since I’m here for the duration

Not makin my babies no bastards

They carry the name

Of my proud, working ancestors

I wonder if they had it this rough

If they had to push for every dime

Putting one foot in front of the other

One penny at a time

While feeling they never got ahead

I wanna lay in a comfortable bed

I get sleepy, I get tired

But every morning

I catch the bus in fear

Maybe today I get fired

Man, I was even thinking of joining

The evil american forces

But I’m not that greedy

I can’t take lives for pay

That’s not MY american way

I can’t deploy

With weapon ready to destroy

I gotta teach my baby boy

Daddy aint no thug

Though I can’t say...

I don’t take the occasional drug

Sometimes it’s the only way I sleep

Knowing wify lays flat on her back

To keep these bills on track

Prayin no one does her harm

Like that punk...

that almost broke her arm

Cuz he didn’t wanna pay

These nightmares

They come even on warm sunny days

Birds in the air chirping

Their propaganda delivering

And I’m left with this life

Cuz suicide isn’t even worth considering

Gotta keep alive and well

So I can work my 9 to 5

Don’t have time for my aggravation

Gotta keep feeding the Zombie Nation!

*Printed Version of Volume XV failed to use the artist name given in all featured poems and in About the authors. 

Photography: Zach Fernandez, "Waiting for the Motion in the Ocean" (Volume 15)